Hi, my name is Leila Viss and I enjoy teaching piano to around 45 students ranging in age from 6 to 88. I am drawn to discovering innovative teaching methods and successful practice strategies to make the average player stick to the bench for life. Customizing lessons for each student is a priority and therefore I provide "blended" instruction of Classical, Jazz and Pop. The ever-changing tools of technology assist me in my daily teaching. Every student not only has a private lesson but a lab session as well. Lab assignments include activities using the latest music software, MIDI, iPad apps, a Clavinova and more.

After receiving a BA degree in Piano and Organ from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, I married my husband (of 25 years), moved to Denver and received a masters in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Denver.

While maintaining a studio, I ventured into teaching keyboard classes in a nearby school district for 2nd-8th grade students for four years. Although, those were the most challenging years of teaching I ever experienced, it was pleasing to know that the federally-funded program brought the piano (keyboard) to many kiddos who would have never even met Middle C without this opportunity. Soon after, I used this experience to help teach and train teachers for a company called "Keyboards For Kids" which brings keyboard group classes to after school programs.

Recently, I have settled back into building a larger studio and diligently planning effective ways to make piano playing and music making a reality for any student.

I have presented technology sessions at the Colorado Music Teachers Conference and the Music Teachers National Association Conference and adjudicate local, state and national piano and composition competitions. I am a member of the Keys to Imagination, LLC Advisory Board and the co-author of Double Click Curriculum® and Piano Olympics. Music Teacher's National Association holds annual conventions and this year I was asked to serve as the project manager and also present a session at MTNA's 2013 Saturday Pedagogy Jazz/Pop Track.

When not teaching, I am usually practicing the organ and piano for my church position, exercising, or attending a soccer, football or basketball game of one of my three sons. Yes, they play piano too but all prefer the guitar, at least right now.