Studio Policy


88 Piano Keys Studio

Leila J Viss

Teacher . Pianist . Organist . 88Creative Keys Founder





Families can expect a yearly increase in tuition.

Annual Fees

Performance Fee: $30 (included in the SUMMER  Invoice, K-12 only) Partially covers the cost and time needed in preparation for recitals and other performance opportunities.

Lab Fee: $20 (included in the SUMMER Invoice, Adults, Optional) Partially covers the cost and time needed to stay current with the technology  trends and equipment for lab and lessons assignments.

Book Fee: $30 (approximate total, books are invoiced as needed) 

Fall Deposit: $50 (included in the summer invoice) to secure lessons for the following fall. This will be credited toward your Fall tuition invoice.



Each session includes a certain number of lesson weeks, however, the session RATE includes ONE FREE lesson. Therefore if a lesson is missed due to illness or vacation, there is no charge for that lesson. If you do not miss any lessons during the session, you score a bonus with one FREE lesson. However, if MORE THAN one lesson is missed during a session, there are no make-up lessons and NO refunds and NO credits.

Fall (Aug-Dec):  12 Private Lessons+ 2 Group Lessons = 14 Lessons Total

Spring (Jan-May): 15 Private Lessons + 3 Group Lessons = 18 Lessons Total

Summer (May-Aug) Participation REQUIRED, Various Options Available, Prices Vary


Fall and Spring Lesson Formats

K-5th Grade 

Lesson with Computer Session (30/30 min) Fall: $429  Spring: TBA


6th-12th Grade Options (must be teacher approved)

Option 1: Lesson with Computer Session (30min/30min) Fall: $429 Spring: TBA

Option 2: Lesson with Computer Session (45/15 min) Fall: $624 Spring: TBA                                                    


Summer Options (ALL students must enroll in at least ONE option each summer. Prices and options vary each year) 

I desire a break from the routine just as much as students and parents so I enjoy offering a number of options that keep students on the bench in various ways.

-Piano Lessons with Lab focusing on specific repertoire, improvising, lead sheets, ensembles..

-Composition Lessons

-Camps such as Creation Camp, Invention Camp, Piano Olympics, Theory Boot Camp, Maestro Camp... 

Click the links below for more information.


Payment Plans

(Four Invoices--August-Fall, January-Spring, May-Deposit, June-Summer)                                            

1) Payment in Full due on the 15th of the first month of each session. Those who pay in full receive one free book each session.

2) Payments may be made in THREE equal installments per session due on the 15th of each month


Payment Options                                      

1) Checks made payable to LEILA VISS

2) Online payment with credit card

3) Online payment with Paypal  

4) At the lesson with Square Register App

**TWO Late payments will result in Lesson Termination**          


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Tuition is not merely an hourly fee for services rendered. Each student is paying not only for music instruction at the piano, but also for a guaranteed place in my studio and preparatory planning for each lesson. This includes hunting for repertoire, organizing recitals, planning summer music camps, researching and staying current with the latest technology, writing recommendations, attending conferences and practicing. The commitment to your child's musical advancement is a full-time effort, and goes above and beyond an hourly fee.



Lesson Attendance


The Tuition rate for each session includes one FREE lesson. Therefore, if a student misses a lesson due to illness or vacation, there is no charge for that lesson as it has been built into the fee structure. However, if there is more than one lesson missed during a session, there are no make-ups, credits or refunds.

1) No Make-ups for Lessons canceled 24 hours prior

2) Missed lessons MAY be made up IF the teacher's schedule allows (openings available).

3) Missed Group Lessons will not be made up and are not refunded.

4) No Refunds for ANY Missed Lessons

5) Missed lessons due to inclement weather are not refunded but may be rescheduled if teacher's schedule allows.



A two-week notice must be given by the student family AND a $50 fee will be charged if lessons are discontinued during a session.



Parental Job Requirements
  • Consistent lesson attendance and practice is the key to progressing at the piano.

  • Encourage progress. Many small steps throughout the year yield big results!

  • Remind your pianist of daily practice and help him/her to schedule this practice time into the daily routine.

  • Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone.)

  • PROMPT tuition payments are expected and appreciated. TWO late payments WILL result in lesson termination.

  • Lesson time is precious, please communicate your questions or concerns by email, or phone.

  • Be prompt in drop-off and pick-up. PLEASE read AND adhere to the drop-off and pick-up policies (click on POLICIES). I am busy being a piano teacher and cannot provide daycare.



Student Job Requirements

  1. TIME: Plan to schedule 15-60 minutes of practice each day for at least five days a week. Practicing immediately after a lesson is the MOST beneficial practice time.

  2. PRACTICE: Although "playing" the piano is always encouraged, "practice" COUNTS when the instructions on the assignment sheet are practiced.

  3. RECORD: Read the lesson notes and color each day you practice on the calendar.

  4. QUIET: When you arrive, plan to remove your shoes and wait quietly on the bench outside the studio.

  5. QUESTIONS: Come with questions--this is your time to learn and make sure that you do!